The Alexander Technique : Cultivating the Freedom to Adapt


The Alexander Technique is invaluable to an expecting mother as she encompasses change at an accelerated pace. While her balance and body mass change radically, and she prepares to open herself completely to the unknown territory of giving birth, she must be present with each transformation and able to allow the next change to fully manifest. The Alexander Technique teaches us to suspend our automatic responses to stimuli (especially when the automatic response is one of tensing up and engaging the fear reflex) while simultaneously allowing a more integrated, flowing and easeful response to take place. Since some of our acquired, habitual automatic responses promote pain, imbalance, limited breathing capabilities, rigidity and stress, it is of vital importance that we learn to steer clear of these engrained tendencies.


People turn to the Alexander Technique for all sorts of reasons and experience relief from chronic conditions such as back pain, headaches and debilitating menstrual cramps. As expecting mothers, we can benefit from a more integrated distribution of muscular effort, resulting in less pain, effort and strain, as well as a more efficient labour when the time comes. The technique also supports efficient breathing; improved coordination, poise and balance; improved circulation; increased energy; and an enhanced ability to stay present and aware.


This workshop will present participatory opportunities to experience some of the Alexander Technique for yourself, as well as more information concerning the way we use ourselves, how it effects our functioning, and why this is so critical during the childbearing year. 

Jaige Trudel

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